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We are reliable Copper Cathode Suppliers of high quality Copper Cathode.Our capacity to supply Copper Cathode starts from 5000MT. Longterm contract buyers are welcome.

Specification and Product Details

Product Grade : Copper Cathode (Electrolytic Grade "A)

CU-Purity: 99.9% LME Non Registered

Size:914 mm x 914 mm x 12 mm (36"x36"x0.5") Aproximatively

Weight of Each Sheet: 125 kgs +/- 1%

Net Weight of Each Pallet: 2 M/T +/- 1%

Gross Weight of Each Container: 20 M/T +/- 1%

Packing: Palletized and Banded With Aluminium Bands

Copper Cathode Chemical Composition :

Copper (CU) min % 99.9%

other materials may be present at a very minimum quantity and the full details will be available upon request.

As  Established Copper Cathode Suppliers, Here Are Our Working Procedures:

1.The Buyer completes a client profile.

1a. Buyers issues letter of intent (LOI)

2. Seller issues FCO

3. Buyer signs and stamps the FCO and returns it to seller

4. Seller issues the SPA, to be stamped and signed by both parties

5. Buyer shows POF to seller and seller shows POP 

6. Within 25 working days seller supplies copper cathodes at the agreed warehouse in DRC Lubumbashi or any where else according to the SPA s terms.

7. Note: More information on the business concept Will be discussed in the SPA.

8. PRICE: 

A. -10%LME delivery to any recognized warehouse in DRC where the buyer choose.

B.  -6%LME if delivery is at Durban in South Africa.

C. -4%LME CIF to China, Korea, Europe and UAE. 

Note: more information Will be shown in the contract.

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When you send your initial enquiry you will be take to our main questionaire to get basic information about your company and we will contact you as soon as we have you booked your initial quantity order that you intent to start with

Working With Your Company Will Be a Great Honor

From the time that you send the initial enquiry followed by your LOI, we able to supply the first shipment of your copper cathodes , within 30 days. But as we only fulfill orders as they come, we will always prioritize the buyers with intent to sign a long contract,preferably minimum 1 year. Your information is always secure and confidential we do not sell or use your information for any other purpose , other than that which is specified in our private policies.Send your initial request immediately so that we can book your order!